April 17, 2014

Google “is” stealing your keywords

picture of google analytics keyword

What happened to all my keywords?!picture of google analytics logo

I received an email from Marketing Samurai this week with the headline that Google is stealing your keywords. So, I decided to go ahead and listen to their video pitch. So, if you all use Google Analytics, you will see there has been a trend in the volume of “Not Provided” keywords in your organic traffic. A year ago the total percent was around 30%-40% of traffic on a site. In the last 3 months, you may find that it has jumped up to 85% of traffic to your site.

picture of google analytics keyword

Google is no longer your friend.

So, the recommendation is to recover the top performing keywords by going back as far as you can and export them out before that is no longer an option. I did this for myself.

You can still harvest the keywords that have brought you the most traffic. What you will find moving forward is you may no longer know what keywords are providing you the most effective traffic. Google is progressively taking away your ability to see that.





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Niche Marketing Business: 6 Outstanding Ways to Emerge As a Guru in Your Niche


expertimage As a guru in your niche you will get a certain amount of respect, which leads to more traffic thanks to your recognized expertise. In order to become an expert you must start at the beginning. Here are 6 killer methods for becoming an expert in your niche marketing business

1) Blog Repeatedly

Shoot for blogging on your own website a minimum of twenty times per month. Blog about much focused topics, starting from a beginner’s standpoint and working your way up over the next year to an advanced perspective. Guest blog strategically on websites that market to your audience. Blogging on a regular basis is the best way to get traffic to your niche marketing business website.

2) Produce Articles

Compose and disseminate info about your niche marketing business on topics your audience would want to read. Find online and offline magazines in which to contribute as an authority in your niche. If you submit an interesting article, it is likely your submissions will be used. Whether online or offline, this type of content helps establish you as an expert to the general public.

3) Become a Resource

When they need a quote about your niche, let the local and national press know that you are a resource they can call on. You can do this in a multitude of ways, such as sending email to reporters when they blog about your niche, making blog comments, and using a service like HARO (Help a Reporter Out). HARO is a way that you can register to be a source to qualified reporters on any topic you choose. There are free and paid possibilities.

4) Construct Consistent Social Media Profiles

Regardless of whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, or your blog, your social media accounts should be very consistent. You want to be very careful about contradicting who you are across accounts. Make certain that you essentially say the same thing on each social media account but in a variety of ways depending on the kind of social media account. LinkedIn is more business and buttoned up, while Facebook is more social – more like an after-hours business event. Of course, be business-like and professional on all accounts.

5) Send Press Releases

When you do something incredible in your niche marketing business, whether it’s writing a book, offering a webinar, or conducting an interview for a radio show or podcast, produce a news release. Press releases are a good way to get online back links to your web site but they’re also a great way to get in print.

6) Develop Joint Ventures with Other Experts

A really good way to get your name out there is to develop a joint venture with another expert. Maybe you know an expert who markets to your target market but performs or creates a complementary product or service. Seek to accomplish something with that person such as a webinar, podcast show, or jointly write an educational eBook.

As a final point, it is essential to work on yourself, your niche marketing business, and your understanding of the area you desire to become an expert in. Malcolm Gladwell, in his bestselling book, Outliers: The Story of Success, conjectured that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on any topic. Seek to keep learning as you become a true expert. You do not have to wait until you have spent 10,000 hours to start introducing yourself as an expert. By the time you are truly recognized as an expert you’ll be close if you start now.

Software Requirements For Making iPhone Apps

You as the reader deserve to be informed as to the necessary hardware and software requirements that complete the process in iPhone app development. Within this article you will discover the main components that are required for the technical phase of making iPhone applications in detail. Those of you who intend to avoid the technical element when developing iPhone apps should at least have an understanding of what they are and what they do.

iPhone and android application development with the process involved, has come a long way since the invention of all the new smart phones. Android Apps have a similar appearance to that of iPhone apps, however the process of development is totally different although the outputting function will appear indifferent to the end-user. To aid any potential iPhone app development entrepreneur, Apple have kindly released various “How To” tutorials which are there to assist developers in creating applications made for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You will also find a wealth of knowledge and experience from developers across the many internet forums now available on the Web.

English: Left to right: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPh...

English: Left to right: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For you to start developing iPhone apps using iOS you will find listed below the software and hardware necessary for completing the task. You can see short explanations on exactly why they are there.

You will need a Mac computer running OS X 10.Xcode, and iOS Software Development Kit also referred to as SDK. Yep that sound like a mouthful but it isn’t as scary as you may think. OS X 10.7 (Lion) is simply the latest version of the operating system available for Mac computers. However if you don’t own a Mac then this is where you have to put your hand in your pocket.

If you didn’t already know Xcode is Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE). In terms of application development, Xcode includes the source editor, graphical user interface editor, and other basic tools necessary for writing the code that is required if you intend to do any encoding for your iPhone app development idea. There are more features within iOS SDK that are needed to complete the app template design into a functioning app. Theses include Frameworks and Compilers to aid in the encoding. All these new tools are aimed at helping you to learn how to develop iPhone apps.

The OS X operating system(s) includes lists of updates that assist Apple developers. These are released by Apple infrequently and more often than not will feature improvements on previous versions. New aspects include an OPL which helps give the app development process a broader platform for the developer. All Apple applications including the iPhone use the OCL.

In addition to other features, it also includes Cocoa frameworks. Think of a framework of something that puts everything together and formulates the working app into a bundle. For developers this includes an App kit that provides “templates” for different app interfaces which also include all the standard Mac controls. Xcode has integrated all these features. This complete formulation is an intended format designed and introduced by Apple. Its aim is clear and helps the development of the app in organized app building process.

Xcode provides the foundation for an Apple’s developer encoding written documentation. It also has what is commonly known as an interface builder. Most of us are no strangers to a GUI interface so it is no wonder Apple have included it within the development platform. It is important to check for updates to Xcode as these will enhance the universal code language. This gives access to software that can run on the all famous Intel systems. This is where you may wish to start the mapping and do some of the iPhone app development on Windows instead of an overworked Mac.

The iOS SDK extends the software development features of Xcode and helps complete application development and integration with the Apple App Store. The iPhone environment on a Mac developers computer has an iPhone simulator which copies a mealtime iPhone app device.

Finally, in order to create Apple apps for release, developers, designers and encoders may wish to enroll in an Apple Development Program. The purpose of these programs are to provide the technical resources, support, and access to software that gives app developers the tools needed to create i|Phone apps on all Apple operating systems. These training tutorials and programs are separate for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Mac and do require yearly subscription which unfortunately is not free. For further information you will find for some in-depth reading within the Apple developer website.

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The Advantages Of Marketing via email

Email marketing is probably one of the most under rated and under utilized ways to make money online. For whatever the reason people seem to be more intimidated by email marketing then with other types of marketing such as SEO, Paid advertising and blogging. The truth is, you probably have a better chance of making money through emails then you would any other marketing tactic.paul lorinczi thinking about something

Still in order to succeed with email you need to know how to do, which is true of any type of marketing. The thing is not a lot of people actually talk about mailing, they will mostly just tell you to build a list and mail. While this could make you some money you need to be sure you are not abusing your list otherwise people will unsubscribe or just start deleting your emails.

One of the first things you need to do is make sure you have something to offer. Now this is not a product or something that your subscriber has to pay for, just good solid information that can help them with whatever niche you are working in. You do not want to go right off selling them as they will just unsubscribe and you will never make any money. You need to warm them up first by showing them you care about there needs and then you can eventually start to suggest products or services.

If you do this correctly not only will you make more sale and commissions but, if something else comes along that is a good product down the road, you can make that offer as well and make even more money from the same people.

This should sound a lot easier then trying to rank separate sites for individual keywords, writing tons of articles to hopefully get traffic or paying for visitors which could turn out to be mostly tire kickers just doing research.

You also have much more control when it comes to email marketing. Unlike trying to rank a site where you have to deal with constant search engine updates or paid advertising where the rules or prices can change at the drop of a hat. Once you have your subscribers your list is just that, yours. Just keep those list members happy and you will have customers that will stay with you and make you money for months and even years.

There is an old saying that has been around since before there even was email and it is that the money is in the list. It means that if you have a good list of prospective customers you can easily make money from them. Email marketing has always been and still is one of the best ways to make money online. It will also work for many years to come as you control your destiny when you use email marketing.

Everything is NOT Content

Everything is NOT Content

Everything is NOT Content

We’re throwing around the word “content” a little too easily these days. It’s becoming another vague generic word like “stuff” or “crap.”

Not the adjective “content,” as in fairly happy, but rather “items held within a larger container,” as in the content of a book or a blog.

The Moz (formerly SEOMoz) is cheapening the word “content” by telling us “Everything is content!”

Except it’s not.

In his latest blog post on The Moz Blog, “Why Local Businesses Don’t Need Big Budgets for Their Content Marketing, author Matthew Barby says:

Content is the staff within your business. Content is the design of your shop/office. Content is your products and services. Content is the menus on your tables. Content is your company values. Content is your customers. Content is EVERYTHING.


As sick to death I am of the phrase “content is king,” I’ll tattoo that on my ass before I ever agree that “content is everything,” or even any of those things.

Content is not, as Barby says, cupcakes, staff uniforms, foam art in your latte, or the barista’s smile as she hands over your cupcake and arty latte.

Unless you’re a writer, artist, videographer, photographer, podcaster, or musician, the stuff you do isn’t content either. And if you are, you probably don’t want to cheapen your work by calling it content either.

You call it stories, art, videos, photos, podcasts, and music.

Most Things Are Not Content Old Ovaltine magazine ad

From the early days of “paper content marketing.” Or as those poor fools from the 30s called it, “advertising.”

Do you know what content is? Words, images, and sounds. Stories, pictures, movies, podcasts, and music.

Do you know what content isn’t? Everything else. Everything other thing in the world that are not words, images, and sounds.

If I can’t read it, watch it, look at it, or listen to it, it’s not content.

If I can eat it, it’s not content. If it’s a person and his or her clothes, it’s not content. If it’s the squishy feeling we all get from maximizing our company’s potential to provide mission-critical customer satisfaction, it’s not content.

Using the word content this way will eventually just cheapen the word and make it as useful and nebulous as “stuff.” I’m certainly not going to coin the phrase stuff marketing.

The word “content” usually refers to material contained within another item — contents of a thermos, content of a book (hence the term Table of Contents), contents of a speech. It has expanded to include video, audio, and photos, but that’s as far as I think people need to take it.

I’ll agree that the staff, their uniform, and latte foam art are features and reasons to like that business. But to call them “content” cheapens both them and the tenets of content marketing.

Do You Know What We Used To Call Content Marketing?

I blame the Content Marketing movement for starting this. They’re the ones who started calling “persuading people with information” content marketing.

Before we called it content marketing, we just called it marketing.

It was just a thing we did. It was brochures and trade shows. It was TV commercials and newspaper ads and CD-ROMs. It was corporate videos and scripts for radio commercials. Then one day, when I was as old as Kurt Cobain when he died, we started using this Internet thingy, and my company was the first in our industry to have a website.

The other companies laughed at us for getting suckered into this fad, until we started kicking their asses and taking away sales worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then they scrambled fast to catch up.

Do you know what we called doing marketing on the Internet back then?


And do you know what we called the text and the photos on our web pages?

Text and photos.

But we didn’t call customer service, uniforms, or any of that other stuff “marketing,” because it wasn’t. Our accountant wasn’t marketing. Our shipping coordinator wasn’t marketing. Our warehouse guy wasn’t marketing.

We certainly never would have called them content.

But now the latest jargony buzzword is Content Marketing, because we produce content to be consumed; Internet Marketing, because it’s marketing on the Internet; Digital Marketing, because it’s now happening via mobile apps and not just the Internet; and, urp. . . urp. . . barf.

Honestly, I don’t care if you debate the subtle nuances of calling it Digital versus Internet Marketing to 10 decimal places. It doesn’t matter. Because it’s still just marketing. It’s not special marketing. It’s not some new brand of marketing that no one has ever done before.

It’s still just persuasive words, pretty pictures, and pleasing sounds.

So can we just skip the happiness-and-rainbows “content is everything and everything is content” Zen koans, and stick with the areas we can control that actually persuade people to buy our, uh, stuff?

Because no one is going to walk into a content shop and ask the contentista for a half-caff content with light foam, and a chocolate content with extra sprinkles.

That would be bullcontent.


(Update: As I reread this piece, I realized I’ve just become this guy.)

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This Country Is Going Down the Tubes…blah…blah…blah

This is a rant post. Not sure where it is going.

Let’ face it, we continue to live in tough economic times. Since the 1980’s, people are not as comfortable as they once were. Incomes continue to decline for the average American. The rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer. Now, companies want to keep employee hours below 30 to avoid having to pay into the new Healthcare laws. Unemployment is higher than what is being published in the papers, since many people have stopped looking.

Poor economic conditions breed social issues

President Barack Obama and Warren Buffett in t...

President Barack Obama and Warren Buffett in the Oval Office, July 14, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not a social issues kind of person. I really don’t care how people live their lives. People need to follow the laws of this country. So, if we collectively agree that stealing is bad, we should not steal. I believe in secular government and do not believe that religious practices have a place in public education. If you want to practice religion, do it at your church, mosque, temple or religious school, whether you are Christian, Muslim or Jew. I don’t care.

It’s still about the economy

All the problems in the world today are the result of our economy of scarcity. As the population grows in the world, resources are being stretched. It is what drives anti-semitism, racism, ethnocentrism, religious extremism. Scarcity breeds the extremism. As individuals, we are victims of some other group who are taking more of their share than what I should be getting. It is so much easier to blame someone else than to look in the mirror.

So, what to do about it?

There are some things we can do. In the United States, we have more going for us than we give ourselves credit. Warren Buffett is bullish on the United States in the long haul. Let’s take a look at some of the tough things we could do right now:

  1. Congress needs to seriously consider the Simpson-Bowles recommendations for deficit reduction.

It is a bi-partisan idea that combines new taxes with major spending cuts. It’s all drastic. If we are serious about righting our ship, let’s get serious about doing something about it. The debt issue is a big one for us and needs to be addressed. It even has its own wikipedia page.

Citizens against Government Waste have found 4 easy waysto cut spending. Congress should get on it because they are common sense things.

  1. GM pay and GM jobs are not returning

Face it, GM pay and GM jobs are not coming back to the levels they once were. That era is over. We need to come to the realization that in some areas of our economy, we are starting over.

When Flint, Michigan’s lumber industry waned at the end of the last century, some Entrepreneurial guys played around with the horseless carriage. They started a company called Buick. Then, Billy Durant had an idea to build a big automobile company and formed General Motors. While his name is still relevant in Flint, I don’t think people recognize his contribution and guile of what he had really done.

I am sure that the people in the lumber industry lived through tough times while the local economy changed to this new industry that would change the world. They were starting over and the automobile industry led the way. We are starting over and we need to encourage the next wave of Entrepreneurs to find the next big idea to lead the world.

  1. We are an Entrepreneurial country!

I am a broken record on this topic. This country was built on the foundation of Entrepreneurship. We always have some winners and we have some losers. It is the core strength of this country that makes it so great. I talked to a prospect who hailed from England. His business targeted small business owners. The US market by far was more attractive than England because the number of companies that incorporate here was 5 times more than England.

Not everyone is born to be an Entrepreneur. It’s a game of winners and losers. That being said, tough economic times requires us to consider alternatives to getting a job. There are still a lot of segments of our economy that need services or could use some improvement. Some services that are being delivered today could be done differently.

Entrepreneurship and not Government is what will help us get out of our mess. Entrepreneurship history should be a part of our educational system. Politics is great, but commerce is what built this country. Our titans in business and entrepreneurship should be the heroes our kids should emulate – not pop stars.

Ok…I am done with my rant.


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Twitter – Is it really that cool anymore?

picture of paul lorinczi - wondering about twitter

Twitter has done some pretty incredible things over the past few years. It has participated in many incredible social movements including the Iranian Green Revolution and the Arab Spring. It has redefined how news get disseminated to people. Twitter users knew about the US Airways plane in the Hudson River than some news organizations. A Pakistani on Twitter was tweeting during the raid on Osama bin Laden’s camp. I will not take any of this away from Twitter. It has been a powerful tool.

After all of those wonderful things, not much of it has changed. The user experience has never been all that friendly. As an “NF” in the Myers-Briggs temperament category, for the life of me, I can’t write something in 140 characters. Abbreviating language to me is akin to Newspeak from the famous book by George Orwell, “1984”. How much more can we dumb down our lives?

picture of paul lorinczi - wondering about twitter

So, it begs the question, have they lost their focus? It seems that when companies start focusing their efforts on how to make money, their original purpose gets lost. Can Twitter honestly say that the user experience is the best it could be after 5 years? There are so many issues with Twitter. The biggest being that users have to “think” about how to use it. My friends over in England that run www.hungarianfootball.com will often do live chats of games for those folks with no access to a broadcast of either a Hungarian league game or a national team game. We can follow them pretty easy, its the other conversations. Yeah…yeah…I know we are supposed to use has tags, but again, using a hashtag requires thought on the users part. The Twitter app on my phone is not smart enough to suggest the hashtag. Why doesn’t it even suggest one?

What made Apple a great company when Steve Jobs was running it was the motivation was to make great products. If you make great products the money will come. The biggest stumble in Apple’s recent history was their maps product. Their motivation was not to create the best map product available, it was to hurt Google’s financially because the iPhone was a big revenue generator for Google. Once their motivation changed, they stumbled. The same criticism can be leveled against Facebook. Now that they have gone public, their focus is on meeting Wall Street’s expectations and not the expectations of their users. Facebook fatigue for sure. After all, what have they done recently? They created a system to mine your data, so they can sell it to marketers and meet Wall Street’s expectations. Has the user experience really changed all that much? No, not really.

I have always said that Social Media is much like Church congregations. Once people get upset with the minister, they will start looking for a new church to attend. While people may not leave either Facebook or Twitter en-masse, they could see active participation numbers start to slowly decline as they continue to down money first path.


Craigslist Scams

I have written several blog postson helping my cousin sell a property in Hungary. I had all these people from countries all over the world want to move to a little town north of Budapest, sight unseen. The result was I helped a lot of people uncover the scams before they responded.

Image representing Google Checkout as depicted...

Image via CrunchBase

Craigslist Scammer Mark Scott – aka some dude in Africa.

Now, I am trying to sell some items on Craigslist. We have sold on Craigslist before without issues. This time, we have some items that have significant value.

There are some rules to Craigslist.

  1. Cash ONLY!
  1. Don’t let them come to your house – meet them somewhere else.
  1. DO NOT USE Paypal or Google Checkout – they are scams

So, today’s scammer calls himself Mark Scott <mark...@yahoo.com>. He is using a yahoo account and judging by other sites, he is one of many.

This guy was clever because he acknowledges there are scammers out there, but his message seemed disjointed and he used bad English:

“I understand the present condition as started in the advert and i’m okay  with the asking price, i will not be able to come to look at it due to  the long distant andI will like to contact my lawyer about this before  making payment due to the scam artist.i got scammed from someone  the  easiest way for me to make the payment is through Google Checkout checkout.google.comand I’ll take care of the pickup and delivery when  the payment has been made by my mover, provide me your name, address,  city, state, zip code for the mover to calculate the cost of the  shipment and your google checkout email account for me to make the  payment.Please Email me back and let me know if this helps”

Before I did my research, I responded with the following and was skeptical about his intentions:


I am following up on your interest in the trombone.

So, help me understand how you want to do this.

1. You want to pay through Google Checkout.

Ok – the price will go up to cover the fees associated with a credit card. We priced it for cash. I will calculate. I think it will be $35.00

2. Once we receive payment, we will release the trombone to your shipper.

The address to ship from is:

5348 N. Tacoma Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Let me know what you want to do.

Paul Lorinczi

This is the email that convinced me he is a scam:


“this is legit business and i have the support of my

attorney on this so there is no need to panic, i

would have love to come over cash, it’s because of

the long distant and i’m very busy at work, i

understand that there are many scams going on online,

but to keep you rest assured, i will make the payment

before we proceed with the shipment. i find it the

easiest way to use my credit card safely and reliable

method of payment, you only have to add your

credit/debit card account to it and your money will

be transfer into your credit/debit card account when

the payment has been made, get back to me with your

google checkout email account when you done, for me

to make the payment.”

The English is really bad. So, I responded with another question:


What is the name of your business and where are you located?

Paul Lorinczi

He responds with more bad English:


I am woring with Construction Company,I
I am from US in Atlanta GA, You dont have any problem ,I’m satisfied with the condition of it. I will be paying you through Google checkout(www.Googlecheckout.com) which is a fast, safe and reliable method of payment.. My shipping company will come to your location for the pick up when the payment is made provide me the recent picture of it, and i will need your full address for me to forward it to the shipping co for the calculation of the shipment costI finally ended it with:

Mark,I am not comfortable with this arrangement.

I have relatives in Georgia. I am willing to ship it to them and have them accept cash payment for the Trombone.

If you are open to doing this, I will get it arranged with them.

Paul Lorinczi

I have not heard from him since. Per Craigslist, I am reporting this one to the FBI.

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Is Facebook engaged in Click Fraud?

Forbes has written an interesting report on the possibility that Facebook is engaged in some major click fraud. Eric Jackson is referencing other articles he found regarding what is basically click fraud. Companies are being charged for clicks that are not real visitors, but instead bots. In the articles, the response from Facebook is comical.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Why am I giving a Facebook such a hard time? Well, their stock was manipulated by the bankers selling it. It just seems that the valuation and power they supposedly have is all artificial. To top it all off, the Ad Revenue could potentially be fraudulent. It’s turning into a smoke and mirrors play.

The bad news in all of this is we may be experiencing the social media bubble that some have predicted.

Here are the articles referenced by Eric Jackson:

Facebook Could be Faking Your Business Out

Do Not Advertise on Facebook Until You Read This

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Facebook Update

Facebook infographic - Facebook stock manipulation

Facebook Stock closed at $31.00 today.

There are some interesting developments on the Facebook stock story I have been covering over the past few days. Wallstreet Dealbook has reported the following.

As I mentioned yesterday in my previous report on the Facebook question, both the SEC and FINRA are indeed questioning Morgan Stanly, Facebook and NASDAQ. With all the news coming out, questions about the integrity of the market are being pursued.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

As of 2:46p today, the stock is trading down once again at $31.63 down from yesterday’s close at $34.14. It just keeps on dropping. Shares dropped 11% yesterday as investors sold off their stock and the big banks stopped propping up the share price.
Earlier today, Reuters revealed that Morgan Stanley’s, the primary underwriter of the stock, Scott Devitt adjusted his revenue forecast for the stock before the launch of the IPO. Morgan Stanley bankers ignored advice from its own people who advised that demand was being overestimated leading up to the IPO, Wallstreet Dealbook reports. Here is the questionable actions that beg the question of stock manipulation.

Once again, Facebook’s stock was down 6% in early trading and continues to fall as the day goes on.
If the market is not allowed to truly determine the value of a stock, is the value being quoted real?

Have Facebook executives created hype around value that is not there?
This is very possible considering these are the folks willing to buy Instagram for $1 billion and at one time threw out a valuation for Twitter that made no sense too. It seems some investors are waking up and starting to off-load their stock.
Dealbook reports: “It’s a combination of Zuckerberg’s ego for that $100 billion market cap, and the shareholders selling who wanted an exit,” an analyst tells Bloomberg. “Somehow it just missed them that this was mispriced.”
Let’s see where this all goes. Is a social media bubble coming?

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