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If anything, business blogging is only becoming more important. There are many changes taking place within the search engines. As HTML5 comes on line, how business blogging data is organized in web page will be more important than ever. Google, Bing and Yahoo are collaborating on what new markup language should look like to help them identify the content they are scraping on a web page.

For years, I have been preaching to customers that there are 2 audiences you are writing to  – readers and search engines. The search engines do not have eyeballs, so they are relying on programming algorithms to assist with identifying content on a site. Problem has been that current HTML content markups are very messy and identifying the real meaning behind content can be difficult.

According to Mike Seidle, Senior User Experience Engineer at Direct Employers, “traditional SEO is an engineering problem today. Our experience is using the new schema offered by Google, Yahoo and Bing, our search results have improved.” One of the problems he sees is that most companies have a weak or nonexistent content strategy.

If you are using old markup language, it is quite possible that your website could be completely ignored.  Google is looking for good content and will give those marking their content up properly a nod over the content that is illegible to them.

On the user front, to quote our good friend Jason Falls, “Just write good shit”. Not more needs to be said there.


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