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Social media is the time machine everyone is seeking

I thought I would take a break from writing about business blogging and social media to explore some of the fun things available to us today.

Recently a team of Chinese scientists published a paper stating that time travel is not possible. The premise of the paper is time travel can not happen because a single photon can’t travel faster than the speed of light. Ok fine, but they are wrong!

See, if you want to travel back in time, it is real simple today. (What you talking about Willis?!)

Here is how it works. Let’s say I want to go back to 1974 and relive a day. It’s simple really:

  1. Go to this website and find a setlist of 1974 Top 100 songs.
  1. Go to Spotify or iTunes and create a playlist of the 1974 Top 100 songs
  2. Drive around town in an old Camero SS and play your music

Get home from work and want to read the news?

This website has an archive of all the newspapers in the United States.

Go to the grocery store and buy your Swanson TV dinner of Salisbury Steak. Pull up your TV tray and catch a 1974 evening news report.

Yes, on Youtube, you can find old broadcasts of news for any year.

If you want to watch your favorite sitcom from 1974, turn on Netflix, Hulu or Youtube and chances are, you will find your favorite 1974 sitcom or police drama to relive the magic of 1974 television.

So with all due respect, I say the Chinese scientist are wrong. With the many social media tools available today, time travel is not only here today, it is here to stay.

Paul is the President of Professional Blog Service. PBS works with clients making strategic investments into business blogging, social media and search engine optimization.

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