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TSA is actually making changes in policy

Sometimes, I like to take a break from talking about business blogging and b2b social media to explore another favorite topic of mine – The Transportation Security Administration.

I would like to think that the individuals who have been outraged by TSA policies on children has triggered the type of response we all have been seeking – CHANGE.

I am and have always been a vocal critic of the TSA and its policies. I have always written to both my Congressman and Senators questioning the purpose of screening children, pregnant women and little old ladies. I have written to my Congressman, Andre Carson, Senator Evan Bayh, Senator Dan Coates and Senator Richard Lugar.

Of the four representatives, only Senator Lugar has addressed my letters directly with excellent follow ups. Andre Carson sends a crappy form letter, Evan Bayh does his political double speak that says nothing, and Dan Coates did not even acknowledge my letter.

I do have an update for you.  According to Senator Lugar’s office, the TSA are making changes:

“On April 15, TSA Administrator John Pistole shared that passengers can expect changes to current TSA procedures—including to protocol that allowed for the recent pat-down of a six-year old girl in a New Orleans airport.  The Administrator stated that TSA is presently working to implement changes that would categorize certain passengers, such as children, as “trusted passengers” and give them a different passenger screening experience. I am hopeful that TSA will use common sense in drafting these procedures and will promptly implement these expected changes.”

In addition, the Nudoscan is getting an update as well.

“They are conducting field tests on Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) software, which eliminates passenger-specific images and instead highlights an anomaly on a generic outline.  Pat downs used to resolve such anomalies would be limited to the areas of the body displaying an alarm.  This software may be a substantial step forward in further addressing passenger privacy concerns, while continuing to meet TSA standards of security.”

I would like to think that these changes are the result of people like you and me engaging our elected representatives to do something. In the case of Indiana, Senator Lugar appears to be the only one addressing the issue. The rest? Well, I am not very  impressed with their follow up.

To think that Republicans in this state want to get rid of Senator Lugar seems surreal to me. He is one of the great statesman of our time. He not only represents Indiana well, but is an Ambassador for our country


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