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Despite its humor, does find some interesting stories out there. It is an on the ground view of what is happening in Egypt and the use of Social Media as a propaganda too. The one comment I found funny, “could you imagine Mubarak’s people trying to explain Twitter to him.” (He is 82 years old, after all). Here are the highlights:

  1. It’s about economics, not religion
  2. Everyone has its own propaganda spin on what is happening, even US news outlets and Al Jazeera.
  3. Democracy is only a concept in the minds of Egyptians, it is not anything real to them. If they had it, what would they do?

What I found interesting was the idea that Social Media was being used as a propaganda tool by the opposition.

At first, no one took it seriously:

“For two weeks calls were made using new social media tools for a mass demonstration on the 25th of January. Observers dismissed those calls as another virtual activism that would not result in anything. Other calls in the past had resulted in very small public support and the demonstrations were limited to the familiar faces of political activists numbering in the hundreds.”

Then, here is what happened, they used the tools to exaggerate their numbers:

“But beneath that, things were very different. The social media tools had given people something that they had lacked previously, an independent means of communication and propaganda. Hundreds of thousands of young Egyptians in a matter of minutes were seeing the demonstration videos being uploaded on youtube. For an apolitical generation that had never shown interest in such events the demonstration was unprecedented. More remarkable they were tremendously exaggerated. At a moment when no more than 500 demonstrators had started gathering in that early morning, an Egyptian opposition leader could confidently tweet that he was leading 100,000 in Tahrir Square. And it stuck.”

Read the whole article here.

A good one for sure.

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