Total Sexual Assault (TSA)

I found this blog post from a brave young woman in Ohio who is obviously shaken up by her experience and fearful of

total sexual assault - tsa

sharing her experience. After all, she should be, everyone knows that breast feeding mothers are a major security threat to people flying out of Dayton, OH.

In her post, she uses the term (TSA) Total Sexual Assault.  How appropriate a description of what is happening.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to write to your Senators and Congressmen.  This insanity has to stop. Sexually assaulting breast feeding mothers will not protect us from terrorists.  Enhancing our intelligence of suspected Terrorist groups will. “WE NEED TO FIND BAD PEOPLE, NOT THINGS .”

I wrote to my Senators and Congressman, it is time you guys do too. Just go to their websites and find the contact button.

For the record, I have been talking about this for 8 years. There is a better way.

Dear Senator Lugar,

The terrorist have won. We should put up the white flag and declare them the winners.

I have never been a fan of the Transportation Security Administration. Out of fear, we are destroying our transportation infrastructure that has been so important to supporting our economic system in this country. Is there no common sense in Washington? What percentage of the GDP would improve if there was a better system in place to track security in this country without impeding the economy?

John Pistole testifies that he also has gone through the enhanced pat downs on flights.

Why is John Pistole going through enhanced pat downs to get on a commercial flight? Is he a security risk to his fellow passengers? Does belong to a radical group that has threatened to take down airplanes? Is he showing signs of nervousness? Did he buy his ticket with cash? Is he on a one-way ticket? Does he look like someone that could afford a full coach ticket purchased the day before? Or, is he just a pervert that likes to be felt up?

MS suffering retired Doctor and Indiana Vietnam War Veteran is forced to get out of his motorized chair to get through security at the airport. He also receives a full body scan. He used to run Navy boats on the Mekong River in Vietnam serving his country. He is a real threat to his fellow passengers. An American Hero treated like a criminal in his own country.

I am sure that you have heard many of the stories that are circulating around the country right now. I read a good one from a young Mom in Dayton who describes her experience and the shock she felt going through it. How many mothers with breast feeding infant children with the name of Erin from Dayton, Ohio taken down airplanes with explosives in their pants?

The TSA budget is $6 billion dollars. Michael Chertoff was a lobbyist for the company that is selling the affectionatelycalled the “Nudoscan” – images that do not get leaked to the Internet. (There are a bunch of those out there too). The money we are spending on machines could better be spent hiring real security specialist like the Israelis to consult and build an effective system of airport security using intelligence and human profiling.

Chances are, we will find a bad person using those methods than the current, “Finding Things Approach.” that is totally counter to our American liberties.

My former boss at American Airlines said it right, “We need to start finding BAD PEOPLE, not things.”

Total Sexual Assault (TSA) needs to be shut down. Encourage President Obama to hire Bob Crandall as Transportation Secretary and let’s stop the insanity of the TSA.

It could help the economy improve in the process.

This is not America

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  1. John Pistole and all agents of TSA is very morally degenerated man and organisation .
    These peoples as this John ‘Pistole is necessary liquidate .
    Prefarbly in muriatic acid .
    God save the America before like this .

  2. Remi,

    I would not go that far.

    As an American, I would say that the program is a waste of money. I believe there is a better way to provide security that is more effective in truly stopping bad people. This emphasis on finding things is a waste of money to US Taxpayers.

    To most of those agents, it is a job. There are some that like the power trip it gives them. I really do fault the Bush and Obama Administrations for letting this system get set up. I really am annoyed that Congress approved the purchase of the Nudoscan at the recommendation of Michael Chertoff, who was a lobbyist for the firm making them.

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