This post is a little different.  Part sports, marketing, and social commentary.

I woke up this morning and begrudgingly decided to read Kravitz.

Why does Bob Kravitz think that Dungy needs to go?  “It’s the best thing for the Colts, who have gone about as far as they can with Dungy and his staff.”

Making the playoffs 8 straight years is not good enough.  Winning a Super Bowl is not good enough.  Being one of the most successful coaches in the modern era of salary caps is not good enough?  Coming back from a rough start, injuries and finishing the season 11-4 and making the playoffs was not good enough?

When I moved to this town back in the mid-90s, the Colts were mediocre.  I believe one season I was here, we went 2-13, or something like that.  Prior to that time, the Colts were always a mediocre club.  Now, we have a winning coach, a winning management, and Bob Kravitz says, “It’s the best thing for the Colts, who have gone about as far as they can with Dungy and his staff.”

If you read his article more closely, the simple truth is Bob Kravitz does not like Tony Dungy’s style.  We live in a results driven world today.  Yet here in Indianapolis, the results do not matter, it’s your style that matters.  See, a lot of people do not like Tony Dungy’s calm, intelligent approach to the game.  They do not respect his integrity, humility, and excellence on the field.

Kravitz also seems to mocking Dungy for wanting to work with young men.  “It’s either Football or working with young men – which one Tony?”  Make your mind up.  This one just struck me the wrong way.  Is there no honor in wanting to help others?  Sports is entertainment.  Helping people is real life Kravitz.

What I read in the article is Kravitz wants Bobby Knight to coach the Colts.  See, if Dungy had thrown his headset at a player, or got into their face and yelled at them, somehow that was going to motivate them more.  (Which is another blog  post, the impact of Boddy Knight on Indiana business leadership).

Kravitz has years of experience motivating large roster of players, making selections, and working within a salary cap.  In other words, Kravitz has no credibility.  He is not an expert.  He is simply a sports writer.

It’s time Kravitz and others like him need to go.  There was a time in this country when respect was given to those who have earned it.  People earned respect for their substance, not their style.  Tony Dungy is a man of substance.

I’d rather my kid follow the example of Tony Dungy, then a Bob Kravitz.

The sad thing is the damn article that Kravitz wrote probably got some traffic, so he did his job for the Indy Star and Gannet.  I am sure they got the page views and the ad revenue at the expense of trashing Tony Dungy.  If you read between the lines, it is exactly what he did.

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