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The Bot Fly | Travels in Brazil

I always say, when you are in a place and a health issue comes up deal with it at that place. It is there that the locals know

picture of a bot fly getting under skin

The bot fly larva nests on the upper left back of a man. The diagram above shows


what it is, what causes it, and how to cure it. Case in point occurred when my first wife and I were in living Campo Grande, Mato Grosso, (now Mato Grosso do Sul) Brazil where I was conducting my dissertation research on pioneer settlements in 1971-72. A bot fly insect Dermatobia hominis native to South American laid an egg on Mary’s thigh. The larva hatched and bored into her skin where it matured in into a grub and created a little breathing hole. While this hole allows the grub to breathe it also oozes some nasty liquid that some keeps it from closing.

Normally bot flies do this on the warm sunny exposed backs of cattle, and when the cattle grub matures it metamorphoses into a fly, crawls out of the hole and flies away to lay an egg on another victim. Periodically this parasite preys on other mammals like deer and humans.

We did not know what the little hole in Mary’s thigh was, and we thought it would heal up soon. It looked like an insect bite and oozed a nasty gray liquid. All the medications we applied made little difference to the parasite. The sore continued in to the second week and was not getting any better.

That weekend we visited a friend’s cattle ranch and since Mary was wearing shorts the lady of the house recognized the sore just below the pant line on her thigh. She knew immediately and explained to our horror what it was.

We asked, “How do you get rid of it”.

Her husband, the rancher, had the prefect answer. He got out a two inch thick slab of bacon and duck-taped it tightly over the hole. In a matter of minutes the grub inside was feeling suffocated and proceeded to extend his hole up into the bacon.

Picture of map of south america where the bot fly lives

Domain of the human bot fly Dermatobia hominis

Almost immediately Mary began to feel an itching sensation and within an hour the grub had worked its way out of her leg and into the bacon. At that point the rancher simply removed the bacon with the grub in it and threw it away. Within a couple of days the hole had closed and a week later it was completely healed.

In contrast to this simple home remedy, there was an US Agency for International Development (AID) couple from Texas working in Campo Grande and when his wife got one of these parasites on her breast just at the top of her sun loving cleavage.

Mary explained to her what this was and how to remedy it. But the lady went into a great panic. No home remedies for her, she wanted the best that medicine could provide and in her opinion, that was not in Brazil.

She caught the next plane back to Houston where she knew some doctors. The US doctors had never seen such a thing, but they were fascinated with it and wanted to do research on it. After about a week they finally figured it out and since it was very rare they staged a surgery for the medical students to observe. With an audience of over thirty people staring at her breasts, they cut her open and extricated the greasy grub!grub picture of the bot fly

It took her a month to convalesce when she eventually got the stitches out.

Now, which of these two situations was treated in the least traumatic manner, the least costly and with the least attitudinal negative memory?

Rick Bein

Copyright 2014 Rick Bein

Customs Tower Boston

Trot Trot to Boston Town

“Trot, trot to Boston Town,
to buy a stick of candy,
One for you and one for me,
and one for Dicky, Dandy.”

We used to put our kids on our knee and sing this song to them. Little did we know that one of them would end up in Boston. I have the fortune of my daughter attending college at Boston University. Now, I always have a reason to go visit her. I still have my friends there from the time we lived in New Hampshire and I worked in Boston. They are great friends who I always have fun visiting. There is always incredible amount of laughter and great conversation that challenges my worldview. That is what Boston means to me.

The funny thing about my visits to Boston is I always set my own agenda. My daughter works in theater and is always on jobs while I am there. Having worked there, I know my way around, so I am not relying on her to help find things to do. I always have something to do.

The first day, I hooked up with my buddy who used to be a distributor of mine while at American Airlines. We have kept our friendship going for about 20 years. He has done a lot in that time, as I have I. Yet, when we pick up the phone and talk, it was like yesterday. My other Buddy, I have the same relationship. He is older than me, but raising kids behind me. So, I watch as he navigates the teenage years with two daughters. (Poor bastard). I just love getting together with these guys which I wrote about our encounter at Fenway Park.

Boston is a walking city. The streets feel like old cow paths. There is very little logic on how streets are set up. Walking is better than driving because you may be driving down a one-way street and come to a crossroad and find that the street you are on is one-way coming from the other direction. Or, you may find that you can only turn left or right because not only is the street you are on one-way coming from the other direction, the street you can travel is one-way too. I recommend when in the city, walk.

The other way to get around of course is the Boston “T” system. They have a great subway and bus system. The only challenge is Government Center is closed for renovation, so you may have to figure out how to navigate around it. Most of the subway lines get you to where you need to go. If you are really adventurous, then you can right a bus too, as they are available. The best way to go is buy a “Charlie Card”. You can feed the card, so you are not trying to dig out change all the time. You can put as much money on it as you want to pay for individual fares. I do believe you can get a weekly pass too. You can always go to the MBTA website for info.

While my daughter was away, her Daddy went out and played. So, my last day in Boston included my own personal walking tour that included Boston Comm, Faneuil Hall and South Station. So, I started at Boston Common and walked through downtown to Faneuil Hall (for my last chance at fried clams) and made my way to South Station to catch the Red Line to watch the US Men’s National Soccer Team play Nigeria for their last friendly before Brazil. So, the pictures you see are from that walk. It was a glorious day for it and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

If anything, I hope inspires a few people to make the trip to Boston. It is one of the great cities in the US and everyone should visit at least once. There is too much American history to pass up. Besides, the clams and chowder are all that it is cracked up to be.

selfie 3

World Cup 2014: WOW! What a ride for Team USA

selfieBlown Away!

That experience I was looking for at the Movie Theater last week? I found it on Massachusetts Ave in Indianapolis yesterday.

As a long time follower of the United States Men’s National Team, I am totally blown away by the support they received this year in Brazil. From the 1st game against Ghana to the Portugal game up to the Belgium game yesterday. It was an amazing journey to see how things are changing.

Yesterday in Indianapolis alone, the block that was closed off on Massachusetts Ave was packed with wall to wall people. You had to arrive 2 hours before the game to get a good spot. By the time kickoff arrive, it was wall to wall people. Did I mention that this happened in Indianapolis, IN? I could not believe it.

Here is reflection on what happened over the past couple of weeks.

The United States was not supposed to get out of its group. They were put into the “Group of Death” with 2010 quarterfinalist and world cup nemesis – Ghana. With one of the fastest goals scored and a late winner by “why did he pick John Brooks?” for the roster, the US team exercised its demon by beating Ghana in the first game. They fell behind early against Portugal and took the lead off a Clint Dempsey belly button goal. They could not hold onto the lead and gave up a last second goal to tie the game. We lost the last game against Germany, but found our way through the round of 16.

selfie 2

So, now everyone is questioning the success or failure of Juergen Klinsmann as the National Team Manager. I am on the side that he has done more for the United States National Team program than they are giving credit. He has challenged our players to stretch themselves. He has added competition to national team spots. Our depth is deeper than it has been in the past. If one player goes down, there is now someone to come in and fill in for the replacement. (The only glaring hole was the loss of Jozy Altidore. He was one of a kind to the US effort and he was missed.) No one is guaranteed by virtue of their politics a spot on the team, as we witnessed by the exclusion of Landon Donovan. You could argue that he has gotten the best out of his talent.

That being said, there was a lot of areas that need improving. During this World Cup against better competition, our possession was lacking at times. We just could not calm down and hold the ball enough in the midfield. Michael Bradley was uncharacteristically challenge in making good passes. He covered a lot of space on the field, but his passing was not to the level he is capable of delivering. Yesterday in particular, the midfield seemed absent and some of our players appeared they reached their limit. In spite of our Manager having been a great forward, he could not be present when the one chance to advance was squandered in the final seconds of regulation.selfie 1

We still need to develop the young talent in this country to compete against their peers at a new level. We can’t rely on Clint Dempsey alone to carry the team moving forward. We need a new crop of players that have the same hunger as Clint Dempsey to finish chances. It is going to take more restructuring of our current development system to eradicate the “Pay to Play” system where “money” defines who gets into the development academies. Sorry Alexi Lalas, you were not a good player in your time. You were the best of the “Pay to Play” kids from Cranbrook and other rich kid academies that existed in this country.

My takeaway from this 2014 World Cup is the team we fielded is the “transition team”. The transition from “Pay to Play” snowflakes to real professionals. As we look at the kids coming up behind this generation, many of them were brought up in the new system. The young players on the team:

  • DeAndre Yedlin
  • Julian Green
  • John Anthony Brooks
  • Joe Corona
  • Terrence Boyd
  • Mix Diskerud

Are examples of what is available to us now. New names to watch moving forward include:selfie 3

  • Junior Flores
  • Joe Gyau
  • Will Trapp
  • Luis Gil
  • Gedion Zelalum
  • Harry Shipp
  • Jose Villareal
  • Benji Joya

This list is even bigger when you consider the number of 2nd teams that are forming with MLS clubs. All the kids playing in Mexico and even Argentina. Younger players are getting playing time. We are only getting stronger as a Football nation.

With the support and the structures and the direction of Juergen Klinsmann, the future is bright. My prediction is we make a semi-final run at the 2018 World Cup. I would say that by 2022 World Cup, the United States can win it all the way. (Let’s hope Qatar is busted for corruption and the World Cup is awarded here. Besides, I can’t understand how a modern slave state like Qatar can be awarded the World Cup when basic human rights are ignored by them). And the parties we saw all over the country yesterday? They are just the beginning too. Soccer is here to stay and it will only get more popular. Old farts like me can sit and enjoy the enthusiasm that I thought would never happen for the sport in this country.

I believe that we will win! (2022)

movie grill at 86th and michigan road, indianapolis

World Cup 2014: Everything is now mainstream!

movie grill at 86th and michigan road, indianapolis

I made the comment on Twitter recently that everything I like is now mainstream. Growing up in the 1970s, I was and still am a big Rush fan. (The band) When I wore my Rush shirt back in the day, I got teased. I wear it today? Everyone comments on what a great band they are. I am thinking, “What the hell is happening?” My first computer was an Apple Computer. I never bought a Windows machine because they just were not all that fun. Now? I go into a coffee shop, everyone has some kind of Apple device. For the record, I was using Apple products before it was cool. And now? The World Cup.

English: The Detroit Masonic Temple (built in ...

English: The Detroit Masonic Temple (built in 1922) in Detroit, Michigan, United States, is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). It was designed by architect George Mason. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone is watching the World Cup now. It’s now mainstream. This past Sunday, the numbers said 24 million people watched it on their TVs, not including the people who were in bars or outdoor viewing parties.

My World Cup adventure started back in 1970 when we had to watch the final on ABC’s Wide World of Sports between Brazil and Italy. My Dad grew up playing the game back in the 1940s and 1950s in Hungary. He grew up during the Golden Team era of Hungary with the famous Puskas, Hidekuti, Bozsic and Koscis among others. So, the World Cup has always been a part of our household. I do remember my Dad traveling to Detroit with friends in 1974 to watch the Germany final on closed circuit tv.

And, that is where my World Cup adventure really begins. By 1978, I was playing the game regularly myself and had a lot of interest in the game. At the time, the only way you could watch the World Cup was to drive to Detroit and see it on closed circuit tv. The 1978 World Cup was being televised at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. So, all the Hungarians interested in soccer in Flint would pile in a car and drive down together to watch the games.

It was an amazing atmosphere. The place was packed. I remember we saw Poland play. Polish fans show up with their mini flags. When a goal is scored everyone erupts in joy! The place is buzzing with tension and excitement. In spite of the politics of the time, 1978 had some good games. As school was out, I went mid-week with my Dad’s friend who took me to the games in Windsor. The atmosphere was not quite the same. I kind of wandered around the ice hockey arena a little. The Masonic Temple, that was the memorable experience.

So, yesterday, I heard that the local movie theater was going to show the USA against Portugal game on the big screen. It’s called the Movie Studio Grill on 86th and Michigan. I thought, hey, “I wonder if it is going to be like the Masonic Temple”. It’s an eat and watch a movie place. So, I am thinking the place is going to packed for the game. I thought, let’s get there by 5 and we can eat before the game.  We show up an hour early to get a seat and they were still showing Godzilla in the theater. So, the pre-game coverage was off the table.  They sat us about 15 minutes before the game. It was not at all like the Masonic Temple. I had no time to order my food because the game was going to start in minutes. They blew up my schedule. Food, drink, then watch the game. Not watch part of the game while they take my order, give me food and not deliver my beer.

So, I tried to order my food and get a pitcher of beer for us to drink. The food came, but the beer was non-existent. My son’s order was all screwed up and he sent it back. They did not bring it to him, until the 2nd half. I hit the beer button 3 times, told 3 people I was waiting for beer. The beer button did not work. I went to the manager and voiced my frustration with the lack of beer and the fact they had not delivered my Son’s food. In between all this, we were trying to watch a game.

The crowd was not like the Masonic Temple either. I was one of maybe a couple of people wearing his USA shirt. I was probably one of the loudest supporters in the room. People thought they were there to watch a movie. It’s a game damn it! It was a fantastic game and the big screen was cool, but the atmosphere was terrible. The service was terrible and my quest to relive my childhood memories of 1978 did not happen.

Oh….and….the service was so bad, I did not even leave a tip. I am not sure I will ever go there again for even a movie. They ruined my experience. So, next game, its back to a bar for me. Besides, I missed the profane chants from the American Outlaws, even though I was the old fart in the group. It’s either Union Jack or Chatham Tap for me. Movie Grill, great idea, but you sucked at executing it. It was too mainstream for me.

peterborough diner in peterborough new hampshire

Peterborough Peterborough Ya Ya Ya – New Hampshire

Soul Place

The title of this post is “Peterborough Peterborough Ya-Ya-Ya”. So, you may be wondering, what the heck is that about? Well, when we lived in New Hampshire back in the mid-90s and my kids were really young, we would always go to Pack Monadnock which is a hill just outside of Peterborough, NH. Sometimes, I would drive up the hill and we would hike around the top of the hill, or I would put a kid in the backpack and do the 1.4 miles up and back. Then, we would go down to Peterborough and eat at the Peterborough Diner. A fine establishment that has been around since like 1936. On our way to Peterborough, we would sing, “Peterborough Peterborough Ya-Ya-Ya”.

Pack Monadnock mountain is located 7 miles east of Peterborough and about 20 miles west of Milford, NH. It is at 2, 290 feet elevation. The term “pack” is an Indian term for “little” or Little Monadnock. There is a Mount Monadnock west of Pack Monadnock in between Peterborough and Dublin, Nh. (Dublin is the home of the Farmers Almanac by the way).  On a clear day, you can see Vermont to the west and Boston’s skyline to the southeast. If you look northeast, you may even see the White Mountains on a clear day.

As you are hiking up the mountain, you learn quickly why they call New Hampshire the granite state. Not only are you either tripping, walking over and climbing granite, there are large granite boulders sticking out all around. You are not going to find much shale or sandstone here. Trees consist of pines, birch and maples. When there is a lot of snow in the winter, Monadnock provides a good source of water that feeds into the Merrimack River system to the east and the Connecticut River to the west.

Milford, NH

No Pictures!

No Pictures!

I traveled to Boston to pick up my daughter from school. I thought it would be cool to take her up to Milford New Hampshire and show her where she came from. We took a little time to visit Milford. Our favorite place to eat on the oval was called Lucile’s. Since our time there, Lucille retired.  New owners took over her business and reopened it as “Cafe on the Oval” in Milford. They had taken over the old space and have now moved into the old music store on the corner of the oval. We made a special trip to Cafe on the Oval to have breakfast.  They are still known for their Homemade Breads. The food was excellent. It’s a good part of any itinerary if you are traveling around the Monadnock region. With Route 3 now three lanes from I-95 to Nashua, it did not take us long to get there.

While in Milford, we checked out our old house. The highlight of that moment was the tree Tamara and I transplanted from the back yard. It is awesome now! The house? My Mom is originally from the south, so I can say it. They have turned the yard into a hillbilly landscape. They junked up the back yard with a couple of sheds. They leveled the trees and put a metal fence around the back yard. It just does not fit in with the other houses. Oh well, I guess we should have stayed there, if we wanted it to be different.

The tree on the far right close to driveway, we planted 20 years ago.

The tree on the far right close to driveway, we planted 20 years ago.

I decided to take my daughter to a river trail where we used to go hiking all the time. On the trail, we had our very own Pooh Sticks Bridge. One time, my daughter took my tea back and threw it into the water and watched it float to the other side. I told her to throw sticks not tea bags. She even liked to fall into the water herself. One time we were walking and I kept saying, “Don’t walk so close to the river you are going to fall in.” So, what does she do? She falls in. It was spring time, so the river was really strong. I reach down and grab her by the back of her neck, pull her out. She is screaming. Her brother says, “Daddy told you not to walk so close to the water.” The whole time she is screaming. It was fun. It was a wet spring day, so we could not take the trail. I had forgotten that the state bird in New Hampshire is the mosquito. They were everywhere. Then, I remembered why we always took the trail in early spring before Mosquitos and the fall.

 Pack Monadnock

Since we could not do the river trail, it was off to Pack Monadnock. As Pack Monadnock is at a higher elevation and near a river, the mosquitos should not be so bad. My daughter was tired and not up to a 1.4 mile hike. She had brought a book anyways, so she stayed in the car reading. I did not come all the way here not to have my time up the mountain. So, I took my hike. The mosquitos were still trying to attack me. I had to keep moving to keep them off. As I got higher, the mosquito population became fewer. I was even able to stop and let my heart rate come down without getting attacked. As you will see from the pictures, the trail was pretty rugged. I ran across one other group of people coming down the trail. I finally made it to the top. There was no one there. For good reason though, it was foggy on top. The fog was kind of cool because you could see it moving. I was literally in a cloud.  So, I caught my breath and started back down the mountain. I came across one spot that gave me a view that made the trip worth the elevated heart rate and screaming thigh muscles.

Peterborough, NH

I made it back to the car feeling good about myself. Now, it was time to complete the trip to Peterborough. I wanted to show her where she was born at Monadnock Hospital. (If she wasn’t nice to me, I was going to take her back and ask for a refund). From Wednesday to Saturday, you can visit the Peterborough History Museum. They have several exhibits worth visiting. Fine pieces of furniture and an amazing story about a wooden bowl that traveled all the way form Ireland in the 1700s and was passed down to generations in Peterborough. (The stories that bowl could tell). Other antique items are also on display along with great boards that provide the timeline of the area and its inhabitants. It’s a small arts community and there are great little restaurants, a theater and book shops. (Yes, people still read books, can you believe it?)

Of course, our journey there ends at the Peterborough Diner. It was put at its current location back in 1936. It has gone through several owners over the years. The people that owned it back in the mid-90s are no longer running it. It is on its third ownership group since that time. The new owners are doing a great job. It is a beautiful little diner. It is true Americana and something we do not have in Indiana. Diners are still a big part of New England culture. So, when I am here in New England, I avoid national chains because the local fair is so much better. After all, why travel if you are not going to try something new?

Peterborough Peterborough Ya-Ya-Ya.

me standing at Fenway

Take Me Out To The Ball Game, Take Me Out To The Fenway Park Boston

Baseball isn’t a game, it’s a past-time. This past Saturday, I took in the past-time at Fenway Park in Boston. The Red Sox were in town to take on the “Tampa Bay Devil Rays?” I don’t know, that part just didn’t seem right. It would have been cooler had it been the Detroit Tigers or New York Yankees.me standing at Fenway

As I was sitting there thinking about the game, I was realizing how Baseball is such a different sport. As a soccer guy, I can find similarities in tactics across several different sports like water polo, hockey, basketball or American football. In most of those games, the goal is to move down the field and score some kind of goal. Tactics may be to out-flank your opponent or penetrate down the middle with a great dribble or direct pass. If you are fan of one game, it is pretty easy to understand how these games all work. (Of course, for a time, most Americans just did not want to understand Soccer. Even that is changing now).

Baseball though is completely different. Most of the players are standing stationary. The pitcher has the hardest job because he is putting his arm through a major workout. I mean really, how can they throw that many pitches? There is no outflanking or penetrating up the middle. You have to round the bases in order to score. In simple terms, you have to hit the ball as far away from the plates as possible, so the other team can’t throw you out.

I am not going to take anything away from the game. I grew up playing baseball. I was a catcher and I was a great hitter. As a matter of fact, in the age of aluminum bats, I was one of the few players that used a great Louisville slugger wood bat from my buddy Mark. It just felt really good when I hit the ball with that thing. The ping of the aluminum bat just never felt natural to me.

Fenway Park is a great baseball park of this country. Like Wrigley Field in Chicago, it is a past time. The park is quaint and intimate. The area around the stadium is like a baseball amusement park. There are of course watering holes, souvenirs shops and food stands. The seats are the original wood seats from yesteryear. Like Wrigley, they still have the score board that is manned by a person changing out the numbers after each inning. But, at the same time, they have modern jumbo displays with HD quality that blend right into the old stadium.

If Fenway Sports is planning on doing the same to Anfield in Liverpool, they should only be as lucky. I think that some modern architecture can be cool, but I really like the old structures that are modernized. Fenway is one of those great structures. While you may have to put up with a pole obstructing your line of site, remember, you are there for the spectacle and the pass-time. When you sing, “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, it feels real there. It’s a must do whenever you are in Boston.

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Sanilac petroglyph state park

Sanilac Petroglyphs Park outside Cass City Michigan

So much history hidden for so long

Memorial Day weekend, I visited my parents in Michigan. I decided to wander around the thumb area of Michigan. When I was a kid, I had spent some time up there but never truly explored it. When I was a senior in high school, my buddies and I did a camping trip to Sleeper State Park on the Saginaw Bay. But, to say that we explored the thumb would be wrong. We just hung out and drank beer and played around on the beach. The one thing I remember most about it was how there was no one there and we could be as obnoxious as we wanted.

Yet, this weekend, I thought I would explore a little more. So, I picked the Sanilac Petroglyph Park which is located just east of Cass City and south of Bad Axe. (I always loved that name – Baaaad Axe). It was a beautiful day in Michigan. There was not a cloud in the sky. Michigan is just starting to bloom. So, the day was brought to me by the color green. Green finally replacing the dull grey of winter. In between, the color of purple lilacs scattered all along my route.

As I am driving along M46 heading east, I am taken back to a conversation I had back in England in 1989. My wife and I were staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Southwest England at a place call Crackington Cove. There was an older couple from Grand Rapids of all places staying there too. Surprisingly, there was another couple who were from Kalamazoo, but were expats living in England for an American company based out of Kalamazoo. We were originally from Michigan, but were living in Hartford, Connecticut at the time. It was yet another example of how small the world really is.

The older couple who were being gracious to our English hosts were discussing their admiration for English history. Yet, they did it at the expense of American history. That somehow, we had no history. As I was living in New England at the time, I had to disagree with him. There is as much history in the United States as Europe. New England alone, you can find as many interesting places to visit as any European country. I was so disagreeable, in a nice way, that the old man looked at me before he opened his mouth. There is a lot of history in the United States. The problem is, we are never really taught much about it. But, if you go looking for it, you will find a lot of it.

Which is why I chose the Sanilac Petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are images carved in stone. The Sanilac Petroglyphs were carved by local Native American populations around 300-1000 years ago. (There is some history there, no?) The tribes in the thumb area of Michigan included the Ottawa, Patawatomi and Chippawa tribes. The Petroglyphs are pictures of Indian folklore which told stories to explain their world. Indian history is an oral history, so the stories can change over time. As the guide said, “Sometimes stories are told to reflect the times.” (Funny, doesn’t that happen to all stories? A re-writing of history to reflect the times? Aren’t people doing the exact same thing today? Don’t people do it to tell their personal stories as well?)

The area of Sanilac was once a river delta. The area is made up of Marshal Sandstone formed from the silt deposits that flowed into the Delta and from the retreating glaciers during the last ice age. Sandstone is a very soft rock. When you take a walk through the hiking trail you will find a lot of modern Petroglyphs reflecting the love that Amy + Brad had for each other on their hike. However, the Indian carvings are believed to be from 300-1000 years ago. They were not discovered until over 100 years ago after the great fires that swept through the thumb area following the massive deforestation from logging. All of the forest is new growth maples, and birches. Yet, on your walk through the trail, you will see 1 white pine that was the predominate tree that may be found in one of Chicago’s many buildings.

Back in 1871 and 1881, there were massive fires that swept the thumb area after the deforestation of white pine. All the debris that was left behind was a major fire hazard. One spark and it was pretty deadly. In one of the fires, it spread from Harbor Beach all the way to Saginaw in a 24 hour period. Can you imagine the speed that had to travel?

Out of this fire, the petroglyphs were uncovered from the over growth. What you will find are the Indian myths that are left for everyone to see. Now, here is where my story telling may get convoluted. I have posted the pictures I was able to capture of the significant images. I wish I had recorded Bob’s explanation for each carving. (He was my guide on the day). The first one was a water panther. When she gets mad, her tail stirs up the great lakes and causes the waters to turn and storm. There is the warrior shooting the arrow which means he is shooting into the future. There are carvings that are perfectly aligned with the north-south and east-west axis. If you open your iPhone compass, they certainly are. There is an image of the character who meets you after you die and takes you to the light. My guide told me that in other native American tribes, this character has a different meaning after death. There is one image of the prophecy of pale face men who will come across the ocean and they have to prepare. What I found interesting is how all the stories while created out of fantasy did have a logic behind them whose interpretation was not far off the scientific explanation for how things work. The example of the water panther representing the beginning of the hydrologic cycle of evaporating water and its return to earth in the form of rain.

After you have received your history lesson on the area, been given the explanation for the petroglyphs, it is recommended to take a hike. There is a lot of history on the hike because the area was harvested for its wood. The white pine that once was present were very big and you got a lot of wood out of them. The remnants of the delta is present all over the area too, as you will find a lot of sandstone rock coming out of the ground. The area is in wetland forrest, so you will find a lot of water in the ground that is part of the Cass River water system. The Cass River does flow through the part and meanders towards the Saginaw Bay through the Titabawasee River. The river used to be much bigger back in the day, until channels were cut to alter its flow. The trail is not hard by any stretch and it runs for about 1.3 miles back to where you started in a big circle.

For some ancient history and a greater appreciation for native American culture and storytelling, I highly recommend this day trip. After you are done there, you can always drive either north or east to Lake Huron for some time at the beach. If you do go, make sure the guide is there, it will make for a more interesting encounter.

Landon Donovan is the greatest player US Soccer has ever produced.

What have you done for me lately?

English: United States national team midfielde...

English: United States national team midfielder Landon Donovan poses with young fans in South Africa at an open training session ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a lot of hand wringing over the exclusion of Landon Donovan in the 2014 World Cup roster head to Brazil. We do live in a world today where, “what have you done for me lately?” is how we live. In the real world, if you work in sales and are not producing, you get fired. It does not matter that you brought the biggest account into the business. You are only judged by your production today. It’s not fair, but it is the reality of how the world works. That is how soccer works too.

Landon Donovan is to date, the greatest player US Soccer has ever produced. To many, he is an enigma. I personally have been critical of some of the decisions he has made. His refusal to work it out at Bayer Leverkusen and return to MLS. I wrote a comment on Big Soccer that someone there recently resurrected from 2005 challenging Donovan’s mental strength as a player. In hindsight, I stand by those comments. Post 2006 World Cup, he did commit himself to be a major factor for the US National Team leading up to the 2010 World Cup. He was invited to Bayern Munich by then Manager, Jurgen Klinsmann. Then he did 2 pre-season stints at Everton, one which led to the 2010 World Cup. He was the hero for the US in South Africa.

Here is what is different. This year, he really has done nothing to prepare for Brazil 2014. While Klinsmann wanted his players to go on loan to European clubs in the Winter, Clint Dempsey went to Fulham and Donovan chose not to go. Yes, Clint Dempsey did not tear it up for Fulham. He did get match fit which has translated into excellent form for his club team in Seattle. If he was still at Seattle now, he would probably on track to breaking goal scoring records in the league. He has been that hot.

Contrast that to Landon Donovan’s form with the Galaxy. He has no goals and only 2 assists. The Galaxy have been in last place in the western conference only coming off the bottom this past Wednesday with a win over FC Dallas without Donovan. Point is, Donovan has not done much lately on the field. His performance for the national team against Mexico was another indicator that something is wrong. The US arch-nemesis Rafa Marquez pretty easily took the ball off Donovan in the offensive third. It was really sad to watch this great player, so easily get picked by Rafa Marquez, the Mexican player everyone loves to hate.

And, the interviews with Donovan over the past couple of weeks. While he says he respects and understands the process, it came across as a veil of admission that he is no longer “wants’ to be the guy. It is pretty obvious that Landon Donovan in Myers-Briggs terms has the temperament of an “NF”, he process information based on how he feels. I am going to say he is a big picture guy that is motivated by how his environment makes him feel. Klinsmann comes across as an “NT”, he is pure logic. Donovan’s choices are unlogisch fur Herr Klinsmann. Donovan is not feeling appreciated by his Manager, so he is not feeling it any more. It is pretty obvious in his words and his play on the field

Great soccer players are temperamental. Their play and movement is often the result of how they use their instincts in the moment. Landon Donovan is the greatest player US Soccer has ever produced. He is also the most maddening because he is the Frank Sinatra of the sport in this country. He has done everything his way. Because of his talent, his coaches have let him do it. Now, his new boss is telling him, he has to it a different way. This is where things are not working.

How is the US National Team going to do?

As I have shared on several social media sites where the hysteria is deafening, this team has won games without Landon Donovan. Jurgen Klinsmann has built a national team program without Landon Donovan in mind. Last year was the best year in US National Team history in qualifying and friendly games. We have seen some new players step up and make themselves heard.

I think with Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley and Tim Howard, the US National Team will be challenged in their group, but will be well represented. This is Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey’s World Cup. Based on what they have accomplished over the past year, I think they will lead this team to be competitive in every game they play. We also have a Manager that has played and already coached at the World Cup level.

Many of the decisions he is making for this world cup parallel what he did before the 2006 World Cup in Germany. It is the transition from the old 30 year cycle of player development to the new 30 year cycle of player development. Bringing in players like DeAndre Yedlin and Julian Green represent the future of where the game can go in this country. There are more coming in behind them. Who knows, there could be another Landon Donovan somewhere in the group.

Whatever happens, I think the boys will be alright. It is time to support our team heading to Brazil – USA!

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Irányt változtatni – Change of Direction

Change is Goodlogo for csavargó - the wanderer

A good friend and former colleague has always advised that you should find something you like and just write about it.

Well, I have always really enjoyed writing about my adventures in travel. So, I am going to dedicate this blog to the things I do love and they include:

1. Travel

Csavargo is the nickname my Hungarian Grandfather gave me when I was young. I used to spend my summers in Budapest growing up. With access to a great public transportation system, I would literally wander around the city and check out every nook and cranny I could find. Though, I would go to visit family, the often complained that I was never around. So, the exact translation is “vagrant”, but the meaning is more like “wanderer”.

While I am not going to Budapest every year, as I once did, I still have a tendency to wander. So, I thought I would share some of my wandering experiences with stories and pictures of landscapes you may or may not be familiar.

Having worked in the airline industry, I still like to keep tabs on what is happening there. I may write an opinion piece or comment on what is happening in the airline industry and complain about how it is not like the good ole days.

2. Soccer

I love soccer. I play it, I have been a referee and I have coached youth players. I still play in a competitive league and I travel to Chicago often to watch the Fire. So, I may pontificate about the hot buttons that are out there regarding soccer.

3. Music

I am in a blues band. I may write some stories about our band experience, or may share the content from a sister blog which is being developed now.

I will turn comments back, as soon as I find a good CAPTCHA plugin that works. I continue to get a spam when I leave it on.


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UV Coating Review: SureCoat Low Odor UV Coating Fluid

At Lloyds of Indiana, we are always looking for high quality products at good value. For small print shops, some of the bigger manufacturers are overpriced for the the volume they do. Spend $100,000 on a machine and it will take for ever to break even. Get something more economical, you could start realizing your […]

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